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Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2020

Posted by Janice Hopkins on
Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2020

I see a runway fashion as a source of inspiration. It’s not like it’s what you have to wear this year. Its not like that. You have a look pick. What works for you, the ideas that you like and just leave the rest. If you do want to integrate some, what you will see to your wardrobe, I will also explain how to make these trends these ideas more wearable in real life, so to speak.

Lets start with the first trend suits but shorts. It’S not every year that we have such a broad choice of suits for women for the summer season, but this time all these suits are cropped so that we can wear them with sandals.

So a bit of length pretty much all houses presented trousers falling just above or just below the knee. The fit is very boxy flowy rape the jackets are oversized and extra long as in hip level or even longer. Michael Kors has the menswear inspired version made more feminine by it. Cinched waist, Tod’s and Givenchy show cleavage and pair the shoes with black sandals to keep it tuned down.

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The Max Mara, lady, is wearing the three-piece version, all fabric matched a bit schoolboy alike, but then the makeup and the shoes remind us that no she’s, not a school boy.

After all, Valentino went for pink and the outfit immediately looks more dressed up to go out and at Chlo the top worn underneath the suit is in a contrast, color bringing in more softness notice the hem of the shorts as if the lining was showing under the Rolled-up trousers, nice detail, most designers presented a full look where the jacket and the pants are matching, but you also just keep the jacket pair it with existing pants that are more to your taste and aesthetics & that you already own that are maybe full-length or You do it the other way around.

You keep the shorts skip the jacket pair, the shorts, with a colorful drapy statement top, for instance. These shorts are all pretty much in neutral colors, pretty much so they are easy to integrate into an existing wardrobe. They can work with many different colors that you already wear.

Bra tops is the next trend. I know what you’re thinking, but then on a second thought going to the gym getting in shape is getting more and more popular at the moment. Its all the rage to have a six-pack. Once you have these nice abs, the next logical step is that you want to show them, so you crop your top. The top on the left can’t really be worn without something on top The Dior one with pretty details by the way goes with the straw hat. Its combined with, maybe not in a city but at the beach.

Why not? The Givenchy one in satin in leather is very femme fatale. The way to make such a top more wearable is to combine it with the jacket and Jacquemus. The sexiness of the top is upset by how oversized the jacket and the pants are. Overall, the look seems more casual At Jason Wu. The jacket is more feminine, and it’s true that if you make the look all black like on the rights, he looks more business.

Appropriate than the version with flowers would you weather, maybe a bit short, maybe not that much business appropriate. I know when I see crop top like this bra tops kind of on the street there, usually a bit longer they’re like halfway between the busts and the belly button somewhere there next trend this it doesn’t have to have buttons on the front, but the key item, This season, judging by the runways, is the vests. The typical tailoring vest was shown at Saint Laurent, worn as a top with nothing underneath buttoned down.

At Sacai and Herms, the vest matches the longer garment, worn underneath and gives the look more structure. I must say I love that Herms photo. The garment has the perfect color for her undertone the shoes. The floor & the background. Harmonize it’s a masterpiece of a color palette. Thats why the photo looks amazing and why the runway choice really matters when you’re showing clothes At Vuitton, Cline and Etro. The vest is an accessory.

The outfit doesn’t really need it, but it adds style. The best example is on the right there. The vest adds, in contrast, texture and pattern. When, combined with the plain fabric, You see that a vest like this can be paired with pants, with jeans, with a dress with a skirt, very versatile. Its also a great piece for layering, so you can actually wear a vest in all seasons. Now, let’s talk about colors neon acid colors, look-at-me colors. We like bold statements and women who dress in a way that looks confident. Also, this kind of color and full monochromatic outfit reminds me of the Y2Kk trend at the end of the 90s.

The boldest is on the left, coming from Valentino known for subtle, feminine colors. It’s even a bit of a surprise. The belt and the hardware are also matching the color. The shoes are kept simple: to maintain the attention of all on the dress To tune that down. You could wear a neon color as an underlayer and add crochet lace, organza or anything see-through. On top that’s the Marni method. You could combine several neon colors like at Christopher Kane and Roksanda. You could break the look by wearing a neon piece together with muted colors, which is what Jacquemus did or you can use just a hint of neon. Then it’s an accent color, like any other, it’s much less in your face on the right. You see that suggestion by Victoria Beckham, Neon and acid colors are complicated. They really have to match your undertone. Otherwise, the color will look more off next to your face than regular colors to be tried on in good daylight before you shop,

The next trend: retro wallpapers, I should say 60s wallpapers, because it’s all about warm yellows oranges and browns, which are definitely colors, used a lot to decorate interiors in the 60s, not so much anymore. Today, Large patterns patterns on patterns did I mention patterns. Christopher Kane shows the legs, but not the chest or the arms see how the shape of the sleeves by the way is as rounded as the motif itself like that Marni RIchard Quinn & Fendi showed more or less abstract flowers. Its funny how designers, based in different countries, come up with similar color palettes in a given season-, Richard Quinn showed a silhouette which is typical of his work. This type of sleeve is called a leg of mutton in French. We call it “, manche gigot”. The Vuitton look is interesting because the blouse seems retro, the skirt doesn’t overall, it’s a great mix of past and present patterns. I like what they did there. If you are warm, it seems that you will have plenty of options in shades of orange this season and, unfortunately, for me, the orange is not at all my color …

But oh well.. Next year), Then we have the return of the scarf worn all over. I love that one. It can be an actual scarf that you tie around your body in a creative manner that people haven’t seen before or it can be fabric printed. As a scarf, that suggests is slowness and craziness it, but isn’t actually a scarf. The photo on the left is another one of my favorites. This is what I think the goddesses of ancient Egypt looked like feminine and powerful. The next photos present scarves tied somewhere as a dress at Preen as a skirt at Burberry as a top at Bottega Veneta. You see a knot, so you think it’s a scarf, but now each one is a way more complex cut with several pattern pieces. Even if you were Pro I styling scars, you can actually get to these results if you start with a square piece of fabric,

Altuzarra is using the pointy part of the scarves very nicely, I’m guessing. The dress is cut on the bias, which is super hard to sew And Erdem uses the scarf more traditionally as an accessory of contrasting color, but in an asymmetrical way, I’ve made a video demonstrating 20 different ways of tying a scarf. If you own one. That is a square or a rectangle, you’ll find the video useful. It has already been watched 1.7 million times it’s one of the most watched videos on this channel.

So it can absolutely be that a trend that I talked about last year is to a thing and we still see it on the runways, and you can, of course, still wear your pieces from last year. Thankfully, A great example of this is the utilitarian trend that I presented last summer. Boiler suits cargo, pants, huge pockets applied on the outside of the garments, not just for outerwear. It’S a military inspired, pragmatic, look, it’s still a thing and it balances out the more feminine trends that are the bra top or the scarf thing that I just mentioned In case. You wonder how I choose the looks that I put on the boards. Its a difficult decision every time.

First, I identify the trend and then I look specifically for examples from bolder to more wearable. So it’s not just the best or the most striking from the runways. Its more a mix to show you the width of what you can do with that trend.




Cheap Mens Clothing Sites

Posted by Janice Hopkins on
Cheap Mens Clothing Sites

Guys , I want you to dress your absolute best. But I don’t want you to go poor in the process of looking for amazing clothes. Well in today’s article I have you covered five cheap men’s clothing websites to fit every guy’s style needs.

LI’ll be sharing with you my top five favorite cheap men’s clothing websites.

Also be sharing with you some items that I think these stores do exceptionally well, but are also quite affordable as always gentlemen.

Top Mens Clothing Shops Online

The fashion momentum has been taking instagram by storm this past year with a lot of affordable Trendy street wear out there and I personally think fashion over men is a mixed bag But in terms of quality in terms of well style when it comes to their clothing because it’s very linear.

If you are from UK, you can check out this review on Cheap Clothing Sites UK.


Let’s continue with a list number three on this list is the cheapest clothing store I have ever shopped from and it’s not technically a clothing store. It’s Aliexpress No Aliexpress is basically the Amazon of China where you can find everything from makeup to auto parts and even men’s clothing believe it or not and when it comes to this now

Check out BestChineseProducts – Top Men Clothing Stores on Aliexpress.

When it goes to Aliexpress it is so enormous and there’s so much out there that you’re about to find something that you’ll like and I can go at Nauseam of what Aliexpress has but it’s literally everything that is made in China either goes to probably either Aliexpress or Alibaba that you could probably find in a lot of Walmart’s Amazon and even people who do like e-commerce drop drop shipping get a lot of their clothing and other things that they’re selling from Aliexpress and when it comes to Aliexpress their clothing.

There’s so much out there that you’re bound to find something you like. There’s a lot of knockoffs out there because you are buying directly from China. But the sheer affordability makes up for it a couple of drawbacks that there are is Shipping time takes a while You’re looking at at least two and a half to three weeks every other clawing option on this list has a week or even sooner

Reading every individual sizing another drawback. Is there quality? Another quality is a mixed bag again because there’s so much out there that is gonna vary so So much and I have this black data head that I had that I didn’t want denim jacket.look book Rache if you’re interested I’ll have it linked up here somewhere and I got this hat for four dollars and I like the Hat It does its job, but it is just a lint magnet and it is just not the greatest quality the hat looks great Don’t get me wrong. It’s a stylish simple hat, but the quality is not there. So there might be a turn-off for you what I personally recommend gain from Aliexpress is accessories like bracelets necklaces and even Watches because they are dirt cheap like we’re talking five to six dollars for our necklace.


And that is ASOS Have you spent a minute learning about men’s fashion and shopping online in general for clothes? You’ve probably heard of ASOS the UK ecommerce giant when it comes to men’s and women’s clothing grooming and lifestyle in general now I personally love ASOS because of one reason and one reason only there’s something there for everyone and what more can I say if you’re really budget oriented like this video is meant for You can go with there a CIL’s branded line and still get a whole lot of different clothing from criminis trousers Joggers a lot of the essentials they have in there a CIL’s branded clothing, which is fairly affordable It’s not the cheapest one on this list But then again their quality is a step above like the shirt But then i’m jacki that I have I actually got that from ASOS

And is there a suspended line that I got for $80 having complained about the jacket ever? I love the jacket it fits great It’s two years old nut and it’s still kicking. But the black sorry that I got is not a silver and E But then again, it’s just in that same price range and I gotta say it’s great if the quality’s great I didn’t overpay for it. It’s not some fancy designer brand. It’s some small UK company I’m not sure. What’s it called? But then again for $40, I got a nice turtleneck for $80 I got a Sherpa denim jacket and even if you’re not so budget oriented they have Options that go from super generic ASOS line all the way up to like a Hugo Boss Armani Dior

Now they had Gucci there once but I don’t think they have Gucci there anymore I know I saw like two and a half three years ago And what I personally would recommend from ASOS is if you’re looking to spice up Some of your footwear is actually go in their loafers because I personally think ASOS their footwear is underrated a huge selection.

H & M

the reason I’m putting H&M number one when it comes to affordable clothing It does seem a little cliche because this is everybody’s go-to for cheap clothing. But the reason why their online Store is number one is because of two reasons Sizing and variety now every time I go into H&M when one of my friends go or we all go Fighting your size can be nearly impossible since everybody Shops at H&M.

H&M is usually at high-traffic areas either downtown or a lot more You know just big malls in general and the problem is you’ll find something you like But getting they won’t have your size then you have to make an effort to go to another H&M store Which you never know by the time you get there. It could be gone and I don’t like that personally I know it’s not their fault I’m gonna say it’s the consumer salt because they’re getting all the good stuff.

But when it comes to H&M online, this is a place where you can go to and they have your sizing I’ve never once found something that was sold out in my size hmm online and that’s one reason why they’re number one is finding your Size is so difficult when it comes to super affordable Trendy stylish clothing another reason why you should I’m online is number one is their sheer variety You think when you walk into a store there’s a lot of pulls and a lot of different clothes Well, just give it steroids and let it work out It ain’t nothing but protein shakes for a few months and that’s basically H&M online the sheer variety on that store

Coupled with the ability to you to find your sizing It just it’s hard to beat h&m prices where there’s more stuff at the same price that you can find in your size Like seriously, they’re difficult to be although their quality is probably it’s not the best It is really a mixed bag and they try to come up with your H&M line but in my opinion they just made it ever so slightly better because fabrics and textiles are not that expensive and just slapped a huge price tag on it to make it seem like You know we can do quality.




5 Tips to Spot Quality Clothing

Posted by Janice Hopkins on

We are going to discuss five tips on how to spot high quality clothing to invest in for your wardrobe. Now discerning what is high quality and what is not is a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life. If you are sick and tired of clothing that just falls apart in the wash and doesn’t live up to its price tag, then you’re in for a treat. Before we begin talking about what high quality is and what high quality isn’t, we need to first understand what quality itself is.

This blog gives us an insight on how much clothing cost shipping from China these days.

Quality, as defined, is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind or the degree of excellency of something. If it is our goal to purchase pieces that are high quality as opposed to low quality, then we need to determine what some of the factors are to look for in a piece that make it better quality than its counterparts.

Some of the specific things that I look for when determining if a piece is high quality or not are:

1. Check the fiber content of the piece.

The first tip on how to spot if a wardrobe piece is high quality or not is to look at the fabric tag and check and see if the piece itself is made up of mostly natural fibers. You ladies know I am a stickler for the natural fibers things like wool, cotton, silk linen, I absolutely love them for their breathability, their durability and their longevity. Check the fabric tag of your clothing to see what it’s composed of.

For this specific example I will say that if you are out there and you’re shopping, use the 80/20 rule as a rule of thumb. The 80/20 rule here is if the piece itself is mostly comprised in a natural fiber you can be assured that it is higher quality than its plastic man-made alternatives

2. Check the Hardware (Zippers, Buttons, Metal)

The second way on how to spot a high quality piece of clothing is to check on the quality of the hardware in a piece. I’m going to narrow in on the zippers. See if the zipper itself is sewn underneath the fabric as opposed to joining the two fabrics and being visible on the outside part of the garment.

The funny thing is that even though technically the zipper will perform better as a zipper when it’s sewn sewing the two pieces together instead of underneath the garment, it does tend to be a tip off towards pieces that are of lower quality. Why is this? When you see a zipper that is sewn underneath the fabric and in the same color as the fabric itself, usually they will paint the actual zipper tag itself with the same color paint as the fabric so it blends in, when you see this in a garment you know that there was attention paid to the detail of the garment.

That is an indicator that the piece itself is made very well. Usually on garments that are just kind of thrown together and mass-produced, you see that the zippers are just there to hold the dress together. Even though that is technically their purpose, a higher quality piece will have that special attention to detail and will hide the zipper. Besides, a high quality designer that knows their stuff knows that the attention of a garment shouldn’t be on the zipper. It should be on the dress or the skirt or the pair of pants as a whole, not the hardware putting it together.

3. Check for Tighter Stitches in the Hem

The third tip on how to spot high quality clothing pieces is to check for tighter stitches in the garment especially in areas such as the hems and sleeves. Tighter stitches in the hems of your clothing all point towards a better-made, higher quality construction of the piece. Looser stitches are not only the very first thing that comes undone in a garment but they point towards a piece that did not have that same attention to detail and is therefore a lower quality piece.

We’ve all been there, when we found a loose piece of string in one of our garments and we’ve innocently made the mistake of pulling at it just a little bit only to find that we have now unraveled the entire hem of a blouse or of a skirt or of a dress, you name it, we’ve all been there. Look for tighter stitches and that problem will be gone.

4. Compare Pieces Side by Side

The fourth tip on how to spot a high-quality clothing piece is when you’re out shopping take the specific garment that you’re looking at and compare it to another piece of the same kind. We know that the definition of quality is the degree of excellency of something compared to something of its kind and because we’re looking for a high quality version of something, when you’re out shopping it’s a good rule of thumb to compare two pieces.

The first reason why this is good is because when you’re looking at one piece, sometimes certain flaws and things that would indicate that it’s a lower quality piece won’t be visible or easily spotted until you look at another piece and compare the two. For example, if you’re looking at a blazer and you’re trying to figure out which piece is of better quality, look at the two Blazers side-by-side.

Which one seems to be composed of a natural fiber? Check the fiber tag. Which one seems to be composed of a better higher quality fabric? Feel the fabric in your hands. Which piece is a little more structured and looks better on you?

A good indicator of a high quality piece that is structured is that the piece will give the wearer its shape whereas a low quality piece will take on the shape of the wearer and be clingy. We don’t want clingy.

5. Check if the pattern lines up correctly

The fifth and final tip that I have on how to spot high quality clothing is check and see if the pattern of the clothing is aligned proportionally throughout the garment. If it’s the designer’s intent to create a piece for the pattern is very misaligned, this quality check might not apply. But generally speaking, if you are looking at a piece of clothing that has a stripe to it, a horizontal striped pattern to it.

Do all of the lines match up where the piece was sewn together? Do you see a straight line going through from the body to the sleeve or was there any attention paid to the detail of where the lines match up? This should be very easy to spot. It doesn’t always indicate that the piece was rushed or poorly sewn together. It just is an indicator of the designer that made the clothing. Did the designer want the piece to be consistent throughout? That’s a big deal.

I want to make a final note on price. Oftentimes we associate high quality with a high price tag. While it is worth the investment to spend a little bit more money on a higher quality piece that will last you much longer than a low quality piece of clothing, higher price doesn’t always necessarily indicate a well-made piece.

You need to be careful for those designers that have a very strong brand name and brand image that will just slap a high price tag on a poor quality piece. I hope you took away something from this tips and learned how to really narrow in and develop your eye for seeing if something is of high quality or if it’s of low quality. As time goes on and with experience shopping and comparing pieces, you will be able to spot the difference between a high quality and low quality piece and figure out which is the piece that’s right for you and for your investments.

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Fashion Mistakes all TEEN makes


5 Fashion Mistakes EVERY Teen Makes

Posted by Janice Hopkins on
5 Fashion Mistakes EVERY Teen Makes

Today we’re gonna go over a got a couple of way mistakes almost every teen draws. Hey, I was a teen not too long ago and I stumbled across these mistakes all the time, and since I love you guys I don’t want “you HAve got to” stumble through them. So I’m gonna go over them that nature you can be more stylish than I was when I was a teenage.

Top 5 Fashion MISTAKES for Teenagers

#1 – Do no follow blindly

Number one and the most important thing, do not fall into the bunker of wearing what your friends are wearing.

Sometimes it’s hard to go against the grain but don’t be afraid to lead and etch your own directions, especially when it is necessary to vogue. Understand during your high school, college or middle school days it’s easy to follow and wear what your friends are wearing to feel comfortable and fit in. But if you’ve been watching this direct for a while you’ll just knowing that get out of your consolation zone is the best way to get happenings done. Whether it be to ask that hot girl out on a time or precisely be best available dressed kid in school, period.

#2 – Don Hyped

Number two, never, ever pay resale , no matter how hyped up the item comes. And don’t get mad at me I’m telling you this because I actually care for you guys, and for your coin, and where you’re devoting it. Because you read the most difficult mistake I see young people determining is being so heavily were affected by culture that the latter are being climbed to compensate exorbitant quantities on a piece of outfit that’s not even worth noting. Picture I recently did a video on all the crazy hike tuff parts the whole outfit cost me like four thousand dollars and I can tell you from experience nothing of that was worth it.

What it does have though is classic styling and amazing fit and quality materials, those are things that stand out and actually improve your style.

And that’s the thing, this thing rate me like a fifth of what one of those hyped up entries would cost me and it’s a hundred times more stylish, it’s a hundred times more versatile and I know that three years from now I can still rock this and it would still glance good.

So as a teenage, what you want to be doing is investing in timeless brands like our patronize,  that will give you aspect pieces that effectively worth the money and you’ll know that two, three, four, years from now it’ll still search good. And should be considered it if your logic for wearing hyped up entries is to impress your friends don’t you think being the best dressed person in clas that actually dresses well will get you more girls and therefore impress your best friend, exactly.

And the great thing withAliexpress is that you get what you pay for. You’re not gonna get scammed there is indeed charges insane mark up by a brand. For lesson, they are only threw a new collection of knitwear. One of my favorite parts that I recently picked up is what they bawl “the everyday sweater, ” it’s made with high-grade merino woolen from New Zealand and coolmax fibers that facilitate regulate your body temperature, depending on how freezing or how warm it is outside. And then on top of that it’s handmade in Italy by skilled artisans, you unquestionably know when you buy this you’re getting a high quality item.

So if you want to start investing in tone items that actually are worth the premium, certainly check out Aliexpress, I’m going to have it related below and also include a code that lane you can get it even cheaper.

#3 – NO to Counterfeits

Number three biggest mistake a lot of young chaps are stirring, wearing sham or fraudulent trash. Now I’m just gonna give you my opinion, I’m not telling you what you should or should not do. But I mean really buying counterfeits? I know most guys will say “what the heck buying bogus is not a big deal, you can do whatever you demand, ” but the forge marketplace is illegal for a reason.

Think of it this style you expend their own lives, endless hours, sweat, working to build up your brand, make this amazing watch firebrand, form something amazing, their own lives daydream. And then there comes a scammer makes an indistinguishable replica of your layout, rips it off, and sells it for pennies with your call on it. I don’t know about you but as a symbol owner, I would be pee-pee. On meridian of that from the consumer place most guys that wear imitation stuff they end up flexing “as if its” the real thing.

All I’m saying is that you don’t need a lean to counterfeit, you can wear an outfit with $50 vans that will examine a hundred times more stylish than one with phony Yeezy’s.

#4 – NO to Being Fancy

Number four having the misconception that dressing better, means that you have to dress up. As a young chap one of the biggest detriments that we imagine “man, if I want to dress better, I’m gonna have to fancy.” Absolutely not, you can have a informal outfit that fits, well look sharp that’ll glance path better than a person that’s dressed in a slapdash suit.

So don’t let that regard you back. Focus on fit and excellence is begin with your fundamentals like I said, your t-shirt, your dress shirt, your denim, get those to fit right and built around from there.

#5 – No Money No Honey

And ultimately quantity five is felt that money does not buy vogue. Again, another flaw or mistake that a lot of young people think is “oh man, I can’t improve my vogue. I don’t have any money.” I was a young guy too without a racket, I would accumulate my lunch coin then go on eBay and buy consume apparel. The feeling is if you really have a passion for it, if you really want to dress better and ogle better, you don’t have to worry about labels or how much you’re paid under it.

You can go on thrift places, you can go on eBay, you can go on Poshmark, buy consumed items that still ogle good and obligate you look sharp. It’s all about made to ensure that invests works with you, forget the brand names and the huge premiums.


And that’s basically a boys, those are the top five manner mistakes that most young guys are making and hopefully “youve never” has been a victim to.


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