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Posted by Janice Hopkins on

I doubt anyone does all of these 10 things at the same time but I’m sure we can all relate to some of these things at one time or another. Some of these fashion mistakes include fashion and mishaps but it also includes a bit of style as well. All of this is purely in my opinion, so if you disagree that is totally fine. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks but you can learn something along the way.

The first mistake that I often see women making is wearing shoes or heels that are the wrong size.

Many people love shoe shopping. You go into a shoe store, try shoes on and you buy them. But it is at the end of the day that your feet are the most swollen. If you put your shoes on, do you think it will fit perfectly? You think it will. You purchase them and then wear them to work, you put them on before church or wherever you’re going in the morning and then they’re slightly too big.

A lot of people decide not to return the shoes. They think that they can just kind of get by with the size they purchased. But I can always see the tiny little gap between the shoe and the heel and that just doesn’t look good. It really does bring down an outfit when you’re polished from top to bottom but your shoes don’t fit right. Sometimes it even makes the person not really walk as well as they would have if they just had the right fitting shoe, especially with heels.

The second fashion mistake that I always see women making is wearing too much jewelry.

A lot of women think that they always have to have something in their ears and on their neck. I do think there are certain pieces of jewelry that you can definitely combine and lay on and it looks amazing. The problem comes in when you wear a very chunky necklace and feel the need to then put on a matte pair of earrings. That is just way too much. If you’re wearing a bold pair of earrings then just skip the necklace. If you’re wearing a very bold necklace then just skip the earrings, but when in doubt just go for the daintier, gold, silver, tone jewelry.

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I think you’ll be set the third fashion mistake goes along with the last one which is not wearing any jewelry at all.

I understand it just can be a personal preference, and that’s totally fine if jewelry is not your thing. However, I do think jewelry is kind of like the icing on the cake. I often think about it as you doing a full face of makeup but just leaving off the lipstick and that just doesn’t look right so in my opinion.

The fourth fashion mistake is cat hair or lint.

If you’re a pet owner, you definitely know what I’m talking about. Anything that is dark attracts fur. But if you don’t have pets you probably still occasionally get lint from maybe a blanket or different types of materials and you do see the lint or the fur on the dark shirts or pants.

I cannot leave the house without lint rolling my entire outfit if it’s dark. Some people do choose to skip this step and they leave the house and you can see it in certain shadows that there’s lint cat fur. It’s very subtle oftentimes. But it’s still there and there are lid rollers in almost every single grocery store aisle.

The fifth mistake is chipped nails.

Now I know there’s tons of people out there that are very on top of this. They never let their nails look terrible. They’re very polished and manicured with their nails, but then others kind of let it go. It’s not really that important to them. If you have your outfit on, makeups on point, you have a fabulous handbag, your shoes look great, but you have terribly chipped polished nails then it just doesn’t look good. It brings down the entire look.

The sixth mistake is saggy Jeans also known as diaper-butt.

I have started seeing so many women everywhere in the grocery store, at the mall and everywhere with this diaper-butt look. When people buy jeans in the store, the fitting room are the tightest they’re ever going to be. People try them on in a dressing room. They buy the ones that fit the best and go home. As they start wearing it the first two or three times, the jeans start to stretch out a little bit over time usually within a month or two. The jeans do not fit nearly as well as when they did in the dressing room, aka Diaper-butt.

The seventh fashion mistake is when women always buy the same size of clothing.

I often here women say, “I’m a size 6”, or “I’m a size 4”, “I’m a size 12” and they just stick with the number because that’s just what they are. I’m really confused with that because every single brand, style, just everything in general, I am completely different in sizes in every single thing. You’d be surprised by how many people buy the size they think “they are” or “they should be” rather than what flatters them the best.

The eighth fashion mistake that I often see women making a wrinkled button-down shirts.

For men and women, button-down shirts are notorious for being wrinkled. Looking wrinkled in general doesn’t look good, but for some reason I see it the most when it comes to button-down shirt. I think it’s probably because they’re the most difficult to iron. You have to make the sleeve lay really flat. When it comes to button-down shirts, I really think it’s important to actually invest in high quality brands and materials for that particular type of clothing. Investing on  high-quality brands can be well worth it.

The ninth fashion mistake is dirty shoes.

I see this all the time a lot of people would never ever walk around with muddy shirts, or muddy pants or mud across their face. But yet, a lot of people find that it’s acceptable to have really dirty shoes. I do understand this some of the time. A lot of times I do see it with tennis shoes or sneakers or like boots in the fall, like maybe people are going pumpkin patch picking. I think a lot of people forget to actually clean their shoes and then they continue to go out and it just doesn’t look really great. Cleaning off your shoes will not only be good for the shoes, but it will actually extend the life of them. It will make your outfit look 10 times better.

The tenth mistake that I always see women making is not changing out your handbag for the occasion.

Not everybody has to have a huge handbag collection or be interested in handbags. I do think everybody should have a select few bags that fit various categories. For example, there is a difference between a large everyday bag and a smaller, dressier bag. Even at weddings, I’ll often see a woman dressed to perfection. She has a beautiful slim fitting dress and her shoes are gorgeous. She just looks so nice for this event. But, she’s carrying a large tote bag that just doesn’t look right at all. She focused more on the outfit. In my opinion, handbags complete the outfit. Ops

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5 Tips to Spot Quality Clothing

Posted by Janice Hopkins on

We are going to discuss five tips on how to spot high quality clothing to invest in for your wardrobe. Now discerning what is high quality and what is not is a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life. If you are sick and tired of clothing that just falls apart in the wash and doesn’t live up to its price tag, then you’re in for a treat. Before we begin talking about what high quality is and what high quality isn’t, we need to first understand what quality itself is.

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Quality, as defined, is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind or the degree of excellency of something. If it is our goal to purchase pieces that are high quality as opposed to low quality, then we need to determine what some of the factors are to look for in a piece that make it better quality than its counterparts.

Some of the specific things that I look for when determining if a piece is high quality or not are:

1. Check the fiber content of the piece.

The first tip on how to spot if a wardrobe piece is high quality or not is to look at the fabric tag and check and see if the piece itself is made up of mostly natural fibers. You ladies know I am a stickler for the natural fibers things like wool, cotton, silk linen, I absolutely love them for their breathability, their durability and their longevity. Check the fabric tag of your clothing to see what it’s composed of.

For this specific example I will say that if you are out there and you’re shopping, use the 80/20 rule as a rule of thumb. The 80/20 rule here is if the piece itself is mostly comprised in a natural fiber you can be assured that it is higher quality than its plastic man-made alternatives

2. Check the Hardware (Zippers, Buttons, Metal)

The second way on how to spot a high quality piece of clothing is to check on the quality of the hardware in a piece. I’m going to narrow in on the zippers. See if the zipper itself is sewn underneath the fabric as opposed to joining the two fabrics and being visible on the outside part of the garment.

The funny thing is that even though technically the zipper will perform better as a zipper when it’s sewn sewing the two pieces together instead of underneath the garment, it does tend to be a tip off towards pieces that are of lower quality. Why is this? When you see a zipper that is sewn underneath the fabric and in the same color as the fabric itself, usually they will paint the actual zipper tag itself with the same color paint as the fabric so it blends in, when you see this in a garment you know that there was attention paid to the detail of the garment.

That is an indicator that the piece itself is made very well. Usually on garments that are just kind of thrown together and mass-produced, you see that the zippers are just there to hold the dress together. Even though that is technically their purpose, a higher quality piece will have that special attention to detail and will hide the zipper. Besides, a high quality designer that knows their stuff knows that the attention of a garment shouldn’t be on the zipper. It should be on the dress or the skirt or the pair of pants as a whole, not the hardware putting it together.

3. Check for Tighter Stitches in the Hem

The third tip on how to spot high quality clothing pieces is to check for tighter stitches in the garment especially in areas such as the hems and sleeves. Tighter stitches in the hems of your clothing all point towards a better-made, higher quality construction of the piece. Looser stitches are not only the very first thing that comes undone in a garment but they point towards a piece that did not have that same attention to detail and is therefore a lower quality piece.

We’ve all been there, when we found a loose piece of string in one of our garments and we’ve innocently made the mistake of pulling at it just a little bit only to find that we have now unraveled the entire hem of a blouse or of a skirt or of a dress, you name it, we’ve all been there. Look for tighter stitches and that problem will be gone.

4. Compare Pieces Side by Side

The fourth tip on how to spot a high-quality clothing piece is when you’re out shopping take the specific garment that you’re looking at and compare it to another piece of the same kind. We know that the definition of quality is the degree of excellency of something compared to something of its kind and because we’re looking for a high quality version of something, when you’re out shopping it’s a good rule of thumb to compare two pieces.

The first reason why this is good is because when you’re looking at one piece, sometimes certain flaws and things that would indicate that it’s a lower quality piece won’t be visible or easily spotted until you look at another piece and compare the two. For example, if you’re looking at a blazer and you’re trying to figure out which piece is of better quality, look at the two Blazers side-by-side.

Which one seems to be composed of a natural fiber? Check the fiber tag. Which one seems to be composed of a better higher quality fabric? Feel the fabric in your hands. Which piece is a little more structured and looks better on you?

A good indicator of a high quality piece that is structured is that the piece will give the wearer its shape whereas a low quality piece will take on the shape of the wearer and be clingy. We don’t want clingy.

5. Check if the pattern lines up correctly

The fifth and final tip that I have on how to spot high quality clothing is check and see if the pattern of the clothing is aligned proportionally throughout the garment. If it’s the designer’s intent to create a piece for the pattern is very misaligned, this quality check might not apply. But generally speaking, if you are looking at a piece of clothing that has a stripe to it, a horizontal striped pattern to it.

Do all of the lines match up where the piece was sewn together? Do you see a straight line going through from the body to the sleeve or was there any attention paid to the detail of where the lines match up? This should be very easy to spot. It doesn’t always indicate that the piece was rushed or poorly sewn together. It just is an indicator of the designer that made the clothing. Did the designer want the piece to be consistent throughout? That’s a big deal.

I want to make a final note on price. Oftentimes we associate high quality with a high price tag. While it is worth the investment to spend a little bit more money on a higher quality piece that will last you much longer than a low quality piece of clothing, higher price doesn’t always necessarily indicate a well-made piece.

You need to be careful for those designers that have a very strong brand name and brand image that will just slap a high price tag on a poor quality piece. I hope you took away something from this tips and learned how to really narrow in and develop your eye for seeing if something is of high quality or if it’s of low quality. As time goes on and with experience shopping and comparing pieces, you will be able to spot the difference between a high quality and low quality piece and figure out which is the piece that’s right for you and for your investments.

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