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The MOST Common Mens Style Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Posted by Janice Hopkins on
The MOST Common Mens Style Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

To me it seems like it’s common knowledge but it doesn’t matter every time I go out to a crowded area or event where ever there’s a lot of guys you always see a nitpick, all these mistakes that guys keep on making that it’s just destroying their style and I don’t want you to be that guy EVER!

So today we’re gonna go over them so you learn how to avoid them.

Top 9 most common men’s style mistakes that even to this day people keep on doing.

Number 1: Bulging or printing on your clothing. There’s 2 things nobody wants to see, especially when it comes to your pants. Nobody wants to see your rooster or your wallet. When it comes to creating stylish outfits you want a stylish silhouette that’s just uninterrupted. Any type of interruption, into your silhouette is almost always gonna be a mistake so to avoid this, obviously the best route is to wear clothes that actually fits and is not skin tight because anything you add to that will always print.

Number 2: When you shirt cuff is not showing.

If you’re wearing a suit jacket you need to know that you need to show at least a quarter to a half inch of your shirt cuff. If none is showing it’s gonna be too short making it seem like that shirt wasn’t even made for you and also a clear sign that you don’t even know what you’re doing.

The 3rd style mistake that I see all the time is guys still wearing shoes that are sub-par.

Don’t be the guy that’s wearing Skechers dress shoes as their dressy alternative. And no you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on dress shoes. You can probably find a good pair under $100 that looks 10x more decent than that. But so many guys only care about their outfit and never put emphasis on their shoes when the reality is women, they actually look at your shoes because that will tell them a lot about who you are and what status you’re at.

Number 4: A loose shirt collar. You tend to see this so many times especially in corporate scenarios whether you’re at an office or in a convention. You see so many men wearing dress shirts that don’t fit them properly and a clear indicator of that is their loose neck collar.

Whether it’s buttoned or unbuttoned, it’s almost clear that that shirt does not fit in or it wasn’t made properly for him. This is why I freakin love Tailorstore and why a lot of my dress shirts are custom-made from this brand. Tailorstore is a sponsor of our show and I absolutely love it for that because honestly they’re one of the top guys when it comes to producing a custom, online, made-to-measure shirt.

If all you’ve ever done is experience off-the-rack dress shirts, you’re missing out. And also probably one of the biggest reasons why you’re falling into a lot of these mistakes because these off-the-rack shirts are made for the masses and not for your own body shape. And even cooler they have a new app.

Right now, the Tailorstore has an app that makes custom made to measure even easier. Before, you had to measure your body, your chest, your arm length and all that and put the measurements and you would receive a custom made to measure shirt. Now they’ve turned that whole process into seconds. It’s so freakin easy that all you have to do is download the app. There’s gonna be a link down below so you guys can download it and try it out yourself.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you literally just put your phone up against the wall and it’ll show you how to tilt it exactly and then it’s gonna take pictures of your body and tell you how to stand. Within the app, you can choose what shirt fabric you want and you can custom design your shirt and then place orders. That’s it. Just from those pictures alone, their mathematical algorithm can figure out your body measurements and deliver to your door a almost nearly perfectly fitting shirt without you even having to use a measuring tape or measuring yourself at all, within seconds.

Personally, this is the 1st brand that I’ve tried out that has this feature and I think it’s ingenious because one of the hardest parts with custom clothing is knowing how to measure yourself.

Now, you can do it within seconds. So, if you guys wanna check out the Tailorstore and check out this really crazy app, like I said, you can go ahead download it, try it out and see how cool it is and design a whole shirt for yourself.

Talking about dress shirts, the 5th thing that I see so many guys doing is buttoning up too many buttons. Guys! Man cleavage! It’s sexy! Girls love seeing a little bit of man cleavage so why would you restrict that for them. Because when you button yourself up, that’s exactly what you look like. You just look constricted and uptight.

6th mistake I see so many guys still doing to this day is going for quantity over quality.

So many guys are completely okay going to H&M, dropping hundreds of dollars every season, knowing full well that that clothing just doesn’t last long. Don’t get blinded by instant gratification. So if you know you’re going to be wearing dark colored jeans all the time, it’s probably a good idea to go with a higher quality brand like APC that you know is gonna last you years and actually look better as you wear them instead of having to buy new jeans every year.

The 7th mistake that I still see to this day is trousers or chinos that are just too long. This includes denim as well. You still see so many guys out there with their trousers just completely engulfing their shoe and making them look short. Like I said previously, when you’re creating fits, you want a sleek silhouette.

Any type of interruption, it looks bad to the eye. So when you have tons of breaks down there, you’re literally just shortening your leg length and telling everybody you definitely don’t know what you’re doing.

Number 8, a classic one, a visible undershirt. So many guys, still to this day, will wear a crew neck white undershirt underneath a dress shirt so every time you unbutton your shirt you see that visible undershirt underneath. That is distracting and especially when you’re wearing dress shirts that you’re trying to look dressy, just makes the shirt look tacky and cheap, even if the dress shirt is a $200 dress shirt, that undershirt just cheapened it.

Finally Number 9: Untucked dress shirts. You know the guy, he’s going out clubbing tonight, he’s feeling good or he needs to dress up.

So all he’ll do is replace his baggy t-shirt for an oversized dress shirt, button it up and instantly, he thinks he looks like a million bucks. News flash, adding a baggy dress shirt doesn’t actually dressen up your appearance and again, it really just makes you look tacky.

When you wear a dress shirt, not only does it need to be fitted, it also needs to be tucked in. If any dress shirt goes past your butt, that means it’s a dress shirt and it’s meant to be more tucked in. Whenever you wear it on top, you just look tacky and definitely signal to everyone that you don’t know what you’re doing.

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